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  This is the first den we found and is located under this large rock formation. The main opening is at the center bottom. There is an opening in the middle of the top crevice and also one at the back bottom left in photo. There is nothing about this rock that stands out, at first glance it appears to be just another large rock on the rigde. You never know exactly what a den area looks like until you find one. This is now known as the "Little Rock" den. We also have the "Hole in the Wall Gang" and the "Big Rock" den. The wild hogs have moved onto the mountain. We started seeing sign last spring and it increased a little by the fall. The amount of sign this spring is 100 times what it was last year. The main ridge has an area wallowed out approximately 100 yards long. This is not good for the snakes. It is legal in most states to kill wild hogs anytime of year, some states will even allow night hunting. If you have not dealt with feral hogs, please note that you need to eliminate all that you can. They will destroy anything that lives on or near the ground. If they do not kill it , they will ruin the habitat. It is estimated that to keep a wild hog population steady, 7 of 10 hogs will need to be culled each year.  

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